Seismic Reserve 2018

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We are delighted to unveil a captivating addition to our collection for 2023: Saronsberg Seismic Reserve.

This is the first and only vintage of Seismic Reserve we have produced. It will therefore forever remain a unique creation, ensuring its rarity and making it a true collector's gem with only 1 600 bottles produced

The Seismic Reserve comprises 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc. The blend comprises the very best barrels of each cultivar from the renowned 2018 vintage. With each sip, you will be greeted by velvety tannins, layered notes of dark fruit, and subtle hints of spice, culminating in a finish that lingers on the palate. Complementing its extraordinary character is a label of remarkable beauty, reflecting the elegance that lies within each bottle.

We invite you to savor this extraordinary wine by securing your allocation of Saronsberg Cellar's Seismic Reserve. Experience the exceptional flavours and refined elegance that await within each bottle, now available from our online store.